Nomad Pad – A Subtle Nuance of Old Growth Wisdom

Nomad Pad Interior

Built by Ryan O’Donnell of Humble Hand Crafts, the Nomad Pad was built using tools powered by an off-grid solar system that was backed up by a biodiesel generator – but just on stormy days.

Notable features inside are a Hobbit wood stove, full-size fridge, copper bath tub, 2 lofts, and an on-demand water heater.

Outside is a mobile “slide under” 5’ x 8’ deck. The walls are framed using light gauge metal. The home’s solar system has a Lithium battery bank.

All reclaimed woods for interior and exterior come from a variety of sources up in Northern California. For example, wood from a 10,000 gallon redwood water tank, wine tank staves, hot tub staves all re-sawn for interior paneling and trim work.

Via Tiny House Swoon and Humble Hand Crafts

Micro Cabin from Ojai, California

Humble Handcrafts’s mission is to build simple craftsman style micro-cabins that make little to no impact on the surrounding environment. The materials used to construct the cabin have been reclaimed, refurbished, and reused. The future goal is to power all tools off of a bio-fueled generator making the entire operation from start to finish sustainable.” – Humble-Hand Crafts.

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