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Prefab Eco-Home in Mamelodi, South Africa

These tiny prefab eco-homes were designed and built by Architecture for a Change (AFAC). AFAC is a small organisation operating out of Johannesburg, that creates and supports local community projects throughout South Africa.” – Niall Read and see more at Humble Homes…  

A Small House Called Dolls House

This small cottage in Fitzroy has been given a facelift by the architects Edwards Moore. The result of the renovation is this quiet, simply furnished home that revolves around an exterior courtyard.

COMMOD – A Repurposed Shipping Container

This modern, clean-cut home is constructed from a repurposed shipping container, and while I’m not entirely convinced that shipping containers are suitable for use as homes, this one (at least from the outside) seems like a rather cosy pad. From ContainMe!: “The COMMOD House by ContainMe! is a 100% recyclable modular house made from repurposed […]

Small House has Space for Home & Business Life

This small house by Naoko Horibe, has been designed by accommodate both work and home life. Situated on a narrow, thin lot in Oita, Japan, the combined residence consists of just 710 square feet, and considering it’s a dual use space, that’s pretty small.

A Tiny Retreat by Jerome Levin

This tiny 125-square-foot abode has been designed by the artist Jerome Levin. Called the Metapod, it was created as a retreat for both children and adults alike.

The Mountain Cabin – A Small Alpine Holiday Home

This small, rather austere-looking building by the Austrian studio, Marte.Marte, is actually an Alpine holiday home. While the home has a relatively small building footprint, it contains a total of 930-square-feet of usable space, split over 4 floors. Dubbed the Mountain Cabin by the architects, the building is embedded into the hillside and features picturesque […]

A Lofted Beach Retreat by Clare Cousins

This lofted beach retreat by the architecture firm, Claire Cousins, is an addition to an existing beach house built in the 1970′s. At just over 500-square-feet, the timber pavilion is minuscule in size compared to the beach house.

Could You Live In A Public Lavatory?

Could you live in a public restroom? Perhaps if it was renovated like this one, you could. Laura Clark, an architect living in London, purchased this abandoned public lavatory that lies beneath the Crystal Palace Parade. The space measures only 600 square feet, and even though the renovation works ended up being more complicated than […]

Modern Portable Prefab From ÁBATON

Prefab portable homes are on the up, and this modern prefab home, from the Spanish architecture firm, ÁBATON, of why they’re increasing in popularity. Called  the ÁPH80, it features a minimalist exterior that’s effortlessly beautiful due to it’s simple form. The material used to create that seamless grey-tiled exterior is actually wood fibre cement board. “What?! Cement […]

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