The Prefab Y-Cube Tackles UK Housing

Designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners on the behalf of a YMCA, the Y-Cube is a 26 square meter (280 square feet) prefabricated tiny house that serves as a prototype for future developments. The YMCA asked the architects to create an affordable dwelling for residents that were making the transition from the non-profit hostels to the property market.” – Niall

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A Tiny Scandinavian Outdoor Sauna by AtelierFORTE

From the outside Huginn & Muninn looks like an oddly-shaped treehouse, but upon entering the structure you’ll find that it’s actually an outdoor sauna. Designed by Duilio Forte, Huginn & Muninn is a handmade sauna that can accommodate two people and is powered by a wood burning stove, in keeping with Scandinavian tradition… continues…” – Niall at Humble Homes…

Beach Modules by Màrius Creus

Designed by Barcelona-based architect, Màrius Quintana Creus, these modern beach huts are modular units that can be arranged according to your needs. Simply called Beach Modules, Creus created units to serve various functions commonly found at the beach – first aid, washrooms, dressing rooms, beverage and ice cream kiosk, information booth… the list goes on.” – Niall at Humble Homes

Bamboo Micro Houses For Hong Kong

The prototype shown in the pictures is able to accommodate a single resident with areas dedicated to cooking, sleeping, and sitting. The units are designed to be assembled in groups to create a community. The community complexes would also have areas designed to function for social activities (games, education etc) and communal dining… continues…” – Niall at Humble Homes

269 Square Foot Tower Apartment

The interior design takes a minimalist approach – there isn’t much space for anything else. All told the apartment has a floor plan of just 25 square meters (269 square feet). Staircases are a large component of any home, but here an attempt has been made to minimise its impact on the available space by introducing and alternating tread.” – Niall at Humble Homes

ESCAPE – A Rustic Retreat in Canoe Bay

The retreat is just 400 square feet in size, and is approximately 14-by-28 foot… The ESCAPE cabin is clad, both inside and out, with sustainably harvested cedar – great for the environmentally conscious. According to the builder, the getaway was designed “with the sensibilities of Frank Lloyd Wright in mind” and aim’s to “become one with nature with virtually no carbon footprint.”” – Niall

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A Restored Old Luggage Van Makes For A Cosy Retreat

An array of unusual and alternative retreats have been popping up over the last few years, with the vacation sector catering for those seeking a change from overcrowded resorts and hotels. One such company is Rail Holiday UK.Set in St. Germans, Cornwall, Rail Holiday UK offers visitors the opportunity to stay in one of their restored British passenger carriage cars.” – Humble Homes

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Is This Swiss Alpine Cabin Concrete or Wood?

Unlike most cabins, this one is constructed almost entirely from concrete as opposed to wood. Located in the Swiss Alps near the city Chur, the cabin boasts an usual exterior façade that has been sculpted in such a way so as to mimic the appearance of wood from a distance.The compact retreat has been designed by Georg Nikisch and Selina Walder, is a stark contrast to the more tradition Swiss cabins, which are typically much larger and mainly constructed from wood.” – Niall

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