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This is What Glamping in Korea Looks like

If camping’s not your thing, perhaps you should give Glamping – glamorous camping – a go. These unusual structures are actually luxurious tents designed by ArchiWorkshop for those that can’t leave all the comforts of home behind. The “glampsite” can be found in a remote area of Yang-Pyeong in South Korea, and offers a unique […]

A Prefab, Modular, Off-Grid Tiny House

House Arc is an innovative prefab modular house design by Bellomo Architects. The structure can be prefabricated and flat-packed into a box that’s just 4-by-3-by-10 foot. It’s compact size and weight (3000 lbs) means it can easily be shipped to the customer’s site.House Arc is designed for a mixture of environmental settings, including tropical weather […]

Too Tiny? – This is a Room at the Nine Hours Hotel in Kyoto

This futuristic capsule hotel can be found in Kyoto, Japan. Called the Nine Hours hotel, it features state-of-the-art sleeping pods that are available for nine hours. The design of the minimalist hotel was led by Masaaki Hiromura and Takaaki Nakamura of Design Studio S.Capsule hotels are neither new nor a novelty in Japan, they’ve been […]

Filter Studio by Camera Buildings

This tiny studio has been created by Camera Buildings, a company based in Vancouver that designs and builds small spaces and tiny houses.Called Filter Studio, the micro-space is mounted on a trailer allowing you to park it wherever your local zoning regulations allow, but it can also be built on a permanent foundation. It measures […]

Long Window House – 624 Square Foot House with a 247 Footprint

Called the Long Window House, the home is built on a lot that measures just 58 square-meters (624 square feet), and the house itself has a footprint of only 23 square meters (247 square feet). Like most of the Japanese houses we feature, the Long Window House is quite narrow – it looks to be […]

Narrow House for a Narrow Lot in Okazaki, Japan

The house is 21 meters in length, by 3 meters (at most) in width. The interior of the home has been split into different volumes, each with a varying ceiling height that is dependent on the rooms function, and the number of people that will generally occupy it.” – Niall Read and see more at […]

Michael Buck’s $250 Cob Cottage

With the rising cost of living many people are seeking alternatives to offset the costs while also maintaining quality of life. One method of saving money is to build your own home. Michael Buck, a retired art teacher turned farmer, has built his own home using natural materials to create a quaint country cottage.The cottage […]

Salt Creek Rural Retreat by ARKit

Salt Creek Rural Retreat is a one bedroom, one bathroom getaway built in 2007, and designed by ARKit. Measuring just 570 square feet (including the large exterior deck), the structure was prefabricated offsite and then transported in several sections to the plot where it was re-constructed as a single living unit.” – Niall Read and see […]

20K House Project Provides Homes For Those In Need

Many people around the world simply don’t have the opportunity to purchase their own home. However, Rural Studio has tackling the problem since 2005 with their 20K House project.Rural Studio is an off-campus design and build program run by Auburn University, and is attempted to make home ownership viable for the less well off. Their […]

Small Attic Apartment Conceals Rooms Within It’s Walls

This small loft apartment in Madrid has been designed by Spanish firm, Elii Architects. The apartment contains just 613 square feet of usable space and features some unusual but clever space-saving ideas built into its very walls, floors and ceiling.The interior is a blank canvas. There’s next to no furniture or appliances other than the […]

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