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Ecovative Mushroom Tiny House

Here’s how it works. Mushroom Insulation grows into wood forms over the course of a few days, forming an airtight seal. It dries over the next month (kind of like how concrete cures) and you are left with an airtight wall that is extremely strong. Best yet, it saves on material costs, as you don’t […]

Jay Shafer Reports on Tiny Mistake #2 – Insufficient Insulation

It was about a week before Thanksgiving of 1997 when my home’s interior first started to look like the belly of a whale with ice formations on the vaulted walls and ceiling delineating a rib every 24”. – Jay Shafer Continue reading Don’t Try This On Home: Insufficient Insulation for full-time living

The Great Insulation Debate

You might be wondering why this topic is of great debate. There is a plethora of insulation options out there. First, it was important for us to settle on an insulation option that was a safe for us. The VOCs emitted from traditional insulation is alarming. We didn’t want to go that route for obvious […]

Building a Tiny House – Completed Exterior & Insulating

“Now it’s time to reveal the (almost) finished exterior! Isn’t it adorable? As I stand back and look at it all I can think about is that it looks like a doll house sitting on that little hill in the woods.” –  Tiny Lake House.

Rigid Eco-Foam Where Art Thou

Some exploration into health-friendly and ecological insulation. “When you think about styrofoam “ecological” is probably not the first word that comes to your mind.  And yet rigid foam panels are an amazingly effective and convenient way to insulate a building and can be especially crucial in areas where insulation will get wet, such as under […]

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