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136 Sq Ft Tiny Cottage on a Trailer for $32,000

What are your thoughts on the oversized pillars in the front porch? I think it gives it a lot of charm. This tiny house is located in New York and is currently available for purchase at an asking price of $32,000 which I believe is fair for a completed tiny home like this.

Micro Kitchen in a Tiny House

More photos of this tiny house (the ProtoHaus) available here. When you’re limited in space the only logical choice is to get creative and develop a smart design that makes the most out of what you have.

5 Ideas for Staircase Storage and Utility in Small Spaces

Even if you have a normal house, big house, or just a small house. Wouldn’t it be cool to make the place smarter? I love ideas like this especially where you can double your space and usability with design smarts.

Contemporary Tiny House on a Trailer for $37,000

I like to always update you with tiny houses on sale that really catch my eye. This one in particular happens to be only 196 square feet and stands on a 24′ trailer. Asking price? $37,000. I think that’s a pretty good deal for what it is (see below). The seller of this little home is actually a […]

Simple Living in a Tiny Cabin on an Island

Have you ever dreamed of simple living in a tiny cabin? If you prefer tiny houses on foundations instead of on trailers I think you’ll enjoy this. From the outside it looks like it might just be a shed. But it’s a little more than just that. The only thing it’s missing is an indoor […]

Open Source Tiny House Design and Workshop

Experience a Tiny House using this Vacation Rental in Southern California

Spacious Cabin on Wheels with Large Windows

Side View I love how it has so many windows and the large sliding glass doors. Side View with Plenty of Covered Porch Space If it were up to me I would have put the sliding glass doors to give you direct access to the covered porch. That would make the most sense to me. […]

$12,000 Shed to Tiny House Conversion

“I thought you would enjoy this shed from tiny house design that was converted to an amazing little bunkhouse. The owner Sue did a great job not only in the design and the interior but also in completing this project for only around $12,000.”

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