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Tiny Houses are Not a New Idea – Here’s an Ancient Shepherd Shelter in Italy

Ancient shepherd shelter in Val Brembana, Bergamo, Italy. ” – CabinPorn.com via Ancient shepherd shelter in Val Brembana, Bergamo. Photo by Carlo Catellani.

Abandoned Stone Cabin in Sicily

One of hundreds of abandoned cabins in Sicily, Italy. They linger after the massive migration of rural farmers to cities across the world that began in the late 19th century, known as Italian Diaspora. Photo by Duncan Vogel.” – Cabin Porn

Small Wood-Clad Mountain Cabin in Italy

Designed by EM2 Architekten, this small mountain cabin is set in the region San Vigilio di Marebbe in Italy. The cabin, named Jagdhaus Tamers, features a wall which can be “opened up” to reveal a large floor-to-ceiling window that almost spans the width of the building.” – Niall

Wardrobe: An Alpine Shelter

In Madesimo, Italy, a micro retreat for weekends by the name of Wardrobe has an unusual constructed area of only 35 sq. m. reflecting the most suitable and discrete presence between two existent buildings.” – Busyboo Read and see more of Wardrobe: an alpine shelter

A Studio Home with a Stepped Floor Plan

Drawers and storage bins built into the floor provide enough storage to keep the 35 m2 (377 ft2) studio free of clutter. The kitchen cabinets are tucked under the bedroom level with the concrete countertop only being revealed when a section of the bedroom floor is flipped up to act as the backsplash.” – Small House Bliss Read […]

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