Tips for Downsizing into a Smaller Kitchen

Here’s a short article with tips for downsizing into smaller kitchens.

“Kitchens come in sizes big and small and often, kitchen size doesnt always correlate with how large or small the rest of the house is. Here are some of the most important elements that every kitchen needs to keep organized and functional.”

via Downsizing Design: Tips for Moving to a Smart Stylish Smaller Kitchen | Apartment Therapy.

Planning Tiny House Kitchen Cabinets

The folks at Tiny r(E)volution discuss kitchen cabinets and how they plan to outfit their tiny house which is currently under construction.

“We currently spend almost all of our indoor time in the kitchen. Between Crystal cooking, Tilly Madison walking/falling/crawling around, and me waiting anxiously for whatever that smell is, we are like most Americans. So why should our building a tiny house mean we can’t enjoy that same luxury?”

via Planning Tiny House Kitchen Cabinets

Compact Modular Kitchen-in-a-Box Has it All

Novel approach to compact kitchen design created by Maria Lobisch and Andreas Näther.

“The Justin Case is a contemporary response to an age-old problem of compact living, particularly when it comes to all of the bits, pieces and moving parts that go into making a space to cook, eat and clean.”

via Compact Modular Kitchen-in-a-Box Has it All, Including Sink | Designs & Ideas on Dornob.

Evaporative Refrigerator

This fellow is very clever with his off-grid tech improvisations. This video shows how evaporative cooling can be used to keep food cool.

“This is my powerless Fridge design that can bring temps from 96deg down to 64deg”

Watch Evaporative Refrigerator no electric bill on YouTube.

Small Cool Kitchens 2012 – Week 1

Take a look at the submissions to this kitchen contest. Lots of good ideas here.

“This past Friday marked the end of Week 1 of The Kitchn’s Small Cool Kitchens Contest, and we’ve already received some really smart and inspiring entries. Check out the past week’s entries below, vote for your favorites, and enter your own small kitchen in this year’s contest.”

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New York Food Blogger’s Tiny Kitchen

Some tips for tiny kitchen management from an food blogger in New York.

“Like a lot of folks with small kitchens, I wish I had more counter space. When I am working on a large project at home, like a wedding cake, I totally clear the decks and temporarily relocate everything to another part of the apartment.

Then to give myself a little more surface area, I’ll pull out a drawer or two and place a sheet pan on top to create a few more inches of counter space.”

Continue reading… Desserts and preserves emerge from just a sliver of counterspace and a stove in this New York food blogger’s creatively used kitchen.

10 Ingenious Space-Efficient Kitchens

Tiny house kitchens can be a challenge to design. Here’s an article that features 10 different designs. Here’s a quote about the kitchen pictured here:

“A tiny kitchen by Mesh Architectures occupies a nook in a 300-square-foot art dealer’s studio. The high-mounted oven includes a space saving feature where the bottom drops down for you to insert the food then retracts back up into the heat.”

Continue to see the 10 Ingenious Space-Efficient Kitchens : Remodelista.

Cabinets Framed at Little Yellow Door

The finishing touches are going into the kitchen at Little Yellow Door.

“Perhaps nothing has caused more procrastination than my kitchen cabinets, and considering just how much procrastination I am capable of, this is really saying something. For a while my dad thought it’d be better to find someone else to make them, but Little Yellow is quite in need of her cabinets, so we have faced our fears and plowed ahead.”

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