LifeEdited – Cool Tiny Apartment

Ryan writes about the LifeEdited apartment. Definitely not a DIY project but there are a lot of clever ideas in this apartment.

“So what’s so great about this apartment?  Try a 400 square foot apartment that has a master bedroom AND a guest bedroom for two, can seat 12 at a dining table and so much more. Here are some photos and then a video at the end.”

via The Tiny Life , Archive » One Of The Coolest Tiny Apartment I’ve Ever Seen.

LifeEdited: Graham Hill Moves In!

Here’s an update on the tiny apartment the founder of Treehugger built in New York.

“Graham Hill, founder of Treehugger & initiator of LifeEdited, challenged the jovoto community with interior design ideas for his 39 sqm space in New York, remember? …A few weeks ago, in May 2012 Graham Hill could spend –  his first night sleep in his fully realized apartment space. And it was published in a 3 page spread in the New York Times newspaper!”

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