In Celebration of National Underwear Day We Present You with Brittany’s Minimalist Wardrobe

One of the big downsizing steps people take when moving into a tiny space is to pare down their closets. The other day Brittany Taylor posted an update video on her minimalist wardrobe. As today is National Underwear Day, we thought it timely to share this extreme downsizing video. Brittany has taken pairing-down (misspelling & pun intended) to an extreme and at 6 minutes & 50 seconds you’ll see what we mean.

You can learn more about Brittany Taylor on her blog, Simple Living and Travel, and subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Tiny Transition + Downsizing E-Course Now Open for Registration

This is a guest post from Mariah Coz.

Are you looking for a simpler, smaller life in the New Year?

What if this year you could…

  • Clear your space and mind of clutter, making room for what’s important to you
  • Change your entire mindset and outlook on “stuff”, finally finding peace and focus
  • Meet a group of soon-to-be lifelong friends who share your outlook and values and are on your same path towards simple living
  • Get the motivation and support you need to make major life-changes for the better
  • Make real, tangible steps to getting into a tinier, happier life

The upcoming Tiny Transition and Downsizing E-Course is now open for registration. Class will begin on January 4th, 2015. If you feel like the list above describes what you’re looking for this year, you should join us.

No clutter, no fluff, no “10 tips for organizing your life” tips that don’t work at all. Tiny Transition is just honest, practical, action-packed, life-changing lessons to change your relationship with stuff, change how your home feels, change your destructive habits and introduce better ones.

“This was the most helpful and inspiring course I have ever taken! I have learned so many things, gained new friends and have become more inspired to downsize my life. My life is forever changed (all for the better) after this course! Thank you for taking the time to create and make available to us this information to improve our quality of life!” — Shelby, Tiny Transition + Downsizing Course graduate

When you sign up for the Tiny Transition and Downsizing E-Course, you get:

  • 8 weeks of downsizing lessons and challenges (it’s like Downsizing bootcamp!)
  • LIFETIME access to the private class forum
  • Accountability, support, motivation and camaraderie from me and your classmates
  • The tools you need to simplify your home, mind, and LIFE starting right now.

I hope that you’ll join me and your classmates for the January session of the Tiny Transition + Downsizing E-Course. If you’ve been thinking about joining but haven’t taken the leap, what better time than right now, at the fresh start of a new year.

We’ll help you get your life in order once and for all, not with gimmicky organizing tricks, but with REAL lasting, mentally and physically challenging lessons to downsize your stuff, your stress, your expenses, and your life.
I really hope to see you in there, and I look forward to supporting you on this journey!
What have others gotten out of the class? I’ll let them tell you.
“The content was very organized and easy to understand and definitely helpful! I have made so much progress by having this step by step map to know what to attack first instead of just looking at the mess and getting frustrated with where to start.” — Darlene, Tiny Transition graduate
“Each lesson was so well planned and thought out, with appropriate suggestions (and homework!). I appreciated your personal recommendations and was challenged and will continue to be challenged as I make the transitions suggested. Thank you for taking the time to downsize yourself(!) and then to write it and share with us. I highly recommend the Tiny Transition E-Course.” — Bonnie, Tiny Transition graduate
“Mariah, this was a fantastic class- I am so thankful I took it!!! Reading & re-reading each lesson gave me tons of inspiration & direction. I felt everyone’s excitement & drive behind me to do the work of minimization, and I’m seeing great results.”  – Beth
“In fact, I am more convinced than ever that taking this course to figure out how to ease into the whole downsizing process thoughtfully and gradually was one of the best moves I could have made, especially because of all the incredible support that this group provides in so many ways.” – Jack Daniel

You can join us in the next session of the Tiny Transition and Downsizing E-Course by registering here. Class begins on January 4th. I hope to see you there!

Aldo Lavaggi – Unlikely Lives

Aldo has treated life in his tiny home as an experiment – keeping a watchful eye on why it interested him, how he went about building it, and how it has promoted or challenged his habits, thoughts, and general well-being. He was particularly eloquent on that last subject, presenting measured reflections on the complex subject of tiny houses and happiness… continues…” – Unlikely Lives

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