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In Celebration of National Underwear Day We Present You with Brittany’s Minimalist Wardrobe

One of the big downsizing steps people take when moving into a tiny space is to pare down their closets. The other day Brittany Taylor posted an update video on her minimalist wardrobe. As today is National Underwear Day, we thought it timely to share this extreme downsizing video. Brittany has taken pairing-down (misspelling & pun intended) to […]

Tiny Transition + Downsizing E-Course Now Open for Registration

This is a guest post from Mariah Coz. Are you looking for a simpler, smaller life in the New Year? What if this year you could… Clear your space and mind of clutter, making room for what’s important to you Change your entire mindset and outlook on “stuff”, finally finding peace and focus Meet a […]

Aldo Lavaggi – Unlikely Lives

Aldo has treated life in his tiny home as an experiment – keeping a watchful eye on why it interested him, how he went about building it, and how it has promoted or challenged his habits, thoughts, and general well-being. He was particularly eloquent on that last subject, presenting measured reflections on the complex subject […]

A man and his Vardo

Here’s a very uplifting story of a fellow named Scott who traded his larger home for a Vardo; a Gypsy styled tiny house on wheels. Scott is a carpenter and took his time to craft this wonderful little house over a period of three years. Living in a Vardo

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