Jenna’s Top 10 Reasons Why Tiny House Living Stinks

Jenna shares her top 10 list of things she wish she knew before going tiny. Here’s the cliff notes:

  1. You’ll be cleaning constantly. It’s easy to clean a tiny house, but it’s just as easy to mess it up.
  2. Composting toilets are a trick to learn. You also have to explain how to use them to guests.
  3. Making the bed in a loft is tough.
  4. Smells are intensified – the good and the bad, they are all intense.
  5. Tight space for guests. So it’s tricky to have a lot of people over socially and anyone overnight.
  6. No room to grow in size. You’re limited by the length of the tiny house trailer.
  7. No room to grow in weight. You’re limited by how much your trailer and tow vehicle can handle.
  8. Tiny closet space. Since there’s no more space, when you get something new, something else has to go.
  9. Parking & insurance are difficult to obtain. She has written about how to obtain parking and insurance here.
  10. Other people’s judgements.

You can read more at Jenna’s travel and tiny house experiences at Tiny House Giant Journey. Photo credit to Jenna.



A Place Mork from Ork Would Feel at Home

While all of the Albang units are exactly the same shape, the color of the doors and the interior surfaces help to make each pod unique. Each unit measures approximately 74-square-feet (6.9-square-meters). From the floor plans, it looks to be enough space to comfortably sleep two people.” – Humble Homes

Read and see more of these Egg-Shaped Living Pods in Seoul at Humble Homes. Learn more about Mork from Ork.

Shedworking blogger Alex Johnson asks… Could you live in a miniature home?

Over the last few years – and especially since the start of the property crisis and financial downturn – the idea that we can be just as happy living in a (much) smaller home has been gaining ground in the USA and there is now growing acceptance of the values of the tiny house movement. Advocates argue that living small is not only more affordable but offers an ecologically-friendly alternative.” – Alex

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Lina Recaps a Cozy Snow Day in Her Tiny House

I love that I get my Weather Report while laying in bed. Last night, as I fell asleep in my sleeping loft at Sweet Pea gazing out the skylight, I noticed that the sky had that pregnant golden-gray glow of city lights trapped by cloud cover. This morning I woke before dawn to the sound of the bamboo brushing against the metal roof, long rat-a-tat strokes like the brush on a snare drum. “Blustery out there,” I thought to myself and I lay there for a few moments in the dark, grateful for such a cozy place to sleep…” – Lina

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Tiny House Design Workshop with Lina Menard

Two years ago I downsized from a 2-bedroom bungalow to a tiny house on wheels. A year ago I downsized again to a 12-ft diameter yurt and embarked upon My 200 Things Challenge. These days I live in a 130 square foot tiny house on wheels and I’ve made space-efficient housing both my livelihood and my lifestyle…

Now I’m excited to offer a 1-day Tiny House Design Workshop to help people new to design capture their tiny homes and a Decluttering Workshop series to share the tips and tricks that have helped me in my right-sizing journey.” – Lina

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What Lina Learned from the 200 Things Challenge

A package arrived in the mail yesterday and I added two new items to my possessions without adding them to my inventory. I haven’t been counting since my last inventory of my possessions, when I moved into my Home, Sweet Pea in August with 190 things. But receiving that package reminded me that I’ve learned a lot about my relationship with stuff since I embarked upon an adventure in radical downsizing two years ago. I’ve found that My 200 Things Challenge has made me a better minimalist…” – Lina

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Tiny House Plumbing Workshop Recap

On Monday, September 16th, 2013 Shelter Wise, Portland Alternative Dwellings, and Bruner Plumbing teamed up to teach Tiny House Construction Essentials: Plumbing Systems. This micro workshop was hosted by Shelter Wise and used the Salsa Box, which was constructed for the La Casa Pequena workshop at La Casa Verde green living festival in McMinneville in April.” – Little Life

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Coming Full Circle… and Moving Forward

Two years ago this week I moved to Portland and this week I’m tiny house sitting at the location where my first tiny house was parked when My Tiny Adventure Began. So, in a way, it feels like I’ve come full circle. Once again the raspberries are dripping off their bushes and the tomatoes are vining as tall as the apple tree. Once again the school bells are ringing and there’s an excited chatter of children freshly back to school.” – Little Life

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Tiny House Construction Essentials: Plumbing Systems

Casa Pequena, that tiny house we framed and wrapped in just 2 days at the Casa Verde festival in McMinnville last April? It’s time for Casa Pequena to be plumbed. Come learn how!