NYC Loft Inspired Tiny House

Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen toured many tiny houses at the Tiny House Jamboree recently. In this episode checks-out the tiny home of Sheena and Ross Henry which was inspired by a New York City industrial loft/flat. It’s fully off-grid, features a spacious sleep loft, storage loft, and has an amazing bathroom.

Attic Bedroom – For Your Imagination

You never know where you’ll find tin house inspiration. This bedroom is not inside a tiny house, but it could be. Love the use of space under that attic roofline!

Erin and Aaron collaborated with Nicole Blair, of Studio 512, and they didnt waste a bit of material.” – Apartment Therapy

via Erins Warm & Wood-Wrapped Austin Budget Bungalow. Photo by Adrienne Breaux.

Loft-Topped Bathroom Block Converts Small Raw Space into Habitable Residence

The living spaces are formed around, within, and on top of the central volume. All told, the loft has a total of six different “rooms”; a kitchen-dining area, a living room, storage space, a bathroom, and a Mezzanine that caters for both working and sleeping.” – Humble Homes

This approach really simplifies the job of turning a raw space into a home. After finishing the exterior walls, simply build a bathroom block with a loft on top. The kitchen could also have been located on one of the block’s walls, simplifying and centralizing the utilities. Read and see more about A Small Loft in Camden by Craft Design at Humble Homes.

Kenny & Esther’s Tiny House Gets a Loft Ladder

For MONTHS now, without fail, every single person who walks into our house looks up at the loft and first asks, “Hey, how do you get up there?”  Then we point to the entirely inadequate four foot step ladder that wed hide in the bathroom during the day, and precariously use to slide up into the loft at night.  Well, no more!” – Kenny and Esther

Continue reading at Kenny and Esther’s Tiny House. Below a peek at their kitchen.

Cottage Cabin with Loft and Shed Dormer

This compact 12 x 12 cabin has an 8 x 12 enclosed space, and is considered to be under 100 sq. ft. by most permitting authorities. The 10 / 12 roof pitch and optional extra height give plenty of room in the loft for sleeping. Ventilation is provided by a double opening triangular window. The dormer on the front and the shed dormer on the back further increase the room in the loft.” –

See and read more about this 12 x 12 Cottage Cabin with Loft and Shed Dormer.

Tiny Wooden House – Cozy Glamping

The Tiny Wooden House offers a new and unique concept for luxury glamping. Inspired by a desire to create miniature architecture, The Tiny Wooden House offers all the comforts, proportions and appointments of a normal two-bedroom house, all within a truly tiny footprint.

On the ground floor, guests will find a well-appointed kitchen finished with granite worktops, a foldaway dining table that seats five, a living room with wood burner and stow away sofa, separate shower and toilet and a master bedroom with king size double bed. The first floor has three full sized single beds arranged around a landing with fold down staircase…” – Tiny House Vacations

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400 Square Foot Cabin by Framework Architecture

The Micro Cabin provides a relaxing weekend escape and a comfortable home base for exploring the surrounding landscape. The angled wall and sloped roof visually expand the efficient interior focusing views up the hill to the west. The lofted sleeping area takes advantage of the steep slope of the site to provide some of the best views to higher ground.” – Framework Architecture

Learn more about this micro cabin design…

Skylights in Lofts Open-up Possibilities

There are many tiny homes without skylights in the lofts. It might be a disadvantage for those that like to sleep in late, but for the rest it’s a welcome addition. It opens the space up, gives a nice view outside, and sounds great in a light rain. If you get a skylight model that opens with a little hand crank, it can also let a nice breeze flow through on those steamy nights. (Did I just say that?)

See more of the tiny house pictured here. Photo credit to PAD.


The Stannexe

The Stannexe, named by the client as it is both a Studio and Annexe began life as a trapezoidal car garage with an up and over door and a leaky flat roof. Our brief was to create a bright, well insulated space that could accommodate a small family for short periods and also be used as an artist’s studio. The conversion required careful design that complimented the local conservation area.” – Tiny House Swoon.

Design by RPD Architects. See more of The Stannexe.