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Life in 200 Square Feet – Mark’s Tiny House

“A year ago, Mark and his girlfriend Ellie moved across the country from Indianapolis to an expensive studio in West Oakland. But when they got settled, something felt off. As Mark puts it, “We were just fed up with the whole stereotype of needing everything. I mean, there’s an entire industry devoted to keeping shit […]

Mark’s Tiny House

Mark’s tiny house in Redmond, Washington. More photos here.” – Tiny House Swoon See more of Mark’s Tiny House

The Haggard – A 10’x10′ Owner Built Tiny House

One of my regular readers reports becoming so inspired by tiny houses, that he built one himself! Here’s what Mark said: “Hi, I’ve been looking at the pictures on the facebook page for a while, and in March I finally started one of my own. This is it so far; it’s called The Haggard. Its floor […]

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