Tiny Hall House

“While there are quite a few tempting “turn-key” tiny homes available to order right now, there’s just something about a super personalized owner-built home that’s extra thrilling to see. Case in point: this 160-square-foot “Tiny Hall House” (“Hall” being the owners’ surname) in Massachusetts, which was built for under $30K over six months and houses three people.” – Yahoo News

Photos via Tiny Hall House website.

Tiny House in a Landscape

This week Tiny House Blog has this tiny house in a landscape to share.

“This is a tiny house in Western Massachusetts, USA on a very fine farm (the best milk products in the region!). I love the living roof and the woodsy setting. They also built the shed next to the house – not sure of its use (outhouse?). The house is straw bale and homemade by the farmers.”

via Tiny House in a Landscape.