Modular Tiny – Meka World ALP 320 in Brighton, Canada

MEKA was founded in 2009 by a group of architects and engineers aiming to create modular live and work spaces that could be shipped to customers worldwide… Now, three years later, MEKA has delivered buildings around the world and is expanding its manufacturing plants in order to better serve local markets.” – MEKA WORLD

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Liberty 200 by MEKA

Liberty 200 is designed as an off-grid unit and comes with off grid packages: composting toilet, solar PV and solar thermal, battery bank and internal water tank. Liberty 200 includes a 40 sf exterior deck space. The indoor area is 160 sf.” – MEKA

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Container Homes by MEKA World

I just discovered this prefab container house company from Canada.  That’s right, all these home models are made from metal shipping containers!  They have six very impressive container home designs to choose from.  The number in the model name tells you how many square feet the design has.  For example, the ALP 320 is 320 square feet. …Continues