House Of Straw

Perhaps the first Little Pig was right all along. In a demonstration about how to build a simple structure made entirely of recyclable or reusable materials, a small Parisian architecture firm called Studio 1984 chose straw as the main building material, designing a cozy, 15-square-meter “nest” that even the Big Bad Wolf would have to admire.” – Randy Woods

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The Boathouse by AR Design Studio

The Boathouse was conceived to serve as a tranquil retreat away from the main house – an 18th century converted barn. The concept was that it should float over the lake and provide a quiet hide-away with calming views over the still water.

The building is situated in the beautiful Cotswolds, within the Lower Mill Estate, and consists of a 4-legged steel frame structure sitting on concrete piles sunk into the lake bed.” – AR Design Studio

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Ufogel – A Unique Getaway in Austria

This odd-looking building is set among the mountainous region of East Tyrol, Austria. The unusual house is called Ufogel and can be rented by couples or small families looking for a unique vacation experience. The Ufogel contains all the modern appliances and rooms you would expect to have in a modern home. There’s a kitchen and dining area, with a chill out nook above (just check out that view)…” – Niall

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Rio Bonito House in Brazil

Carla Juaçaba’s design for a weekend home in mountainous eastern region of rio de janeiro uses the load bearing properties of meter-thick stone walls to suspend the roof and floor joists. four steel beams puncture walls so as to allow a sliver of glazing to wash the interior of the stone walls with diffused light.” – Design Boom

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Image credit to Nelson Kon

Marfa House

This is an interesting house that almost looks like a container home, but in actuality it is just a metal sheathed house.  While I’m not usually a fan of the rusted metal look, in the setting/landscape of this place, it suits it quite well.  …Continues

Modern Mini Live/Work Space House Tour

Jennifer shares her 400 square foot home in Long Beach, California.

“Jennifer’s small space proves that you can be happy living with just what you need. She loves to travel, so she would much rather have experiences than expensive stuff. Still, with all the fun artwork, graphics, and small accessories, her live/work space is very lively and inviting.”

via Jennifer’s Modern Mini Live/Work Space House Tour | Apartment Therapy.

The Big Adventure of Building a Tiny House on Wheels

Unique design on this owner-built tiny house project.

“We’re on a year long plan to take an old $200 camper trailer, and rebuild it from the ground up into something similar to this “Mini-Home” tiny house on wheels. Then have it trailered to our land in Sayulita Mexico… and do it all with recycled/repurposed materials.”

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