Off-Grid Urban Tiny House

Tiny House homeowner Steve built his 8×17 tiny house in his backyard, moved-in, and then rented his front house. The renters essentially pay the mortgage on the property. So now Steve is living a mortgage-free life.

There are lots of innovate ideas in this design. For example, his bed functions as a sofa during the day by rolling away below a raised landing. At night it’s super easy to roll-out the bed. On the raised landing is the kitchen and bathroom. The house cost him about $50,000 to build.

This video was created by Bryce Langston at can be found at the Living Big in A Tiny House YouTube Channel. Be sure to follow Bryce for more great tiny house videos.

Fascination Fuels A Life Off The Grid for John Wells

My monthly expenses here are like $200, and everything’s paid for – no mortgage. Now I don’t have to think about my bills when I get up in the morning, which is a really nice feeling.” – John Wells via Unlikely Lives

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Tiny House Freedom

Greg Parham of Durango says his tiny house has all the necessary amenities – a loft for sleeping, and a kitchen with a stove and water heater that operate on propane. Parham, like others, has found a way to have more freedom, a simpler lifestyle and not be bound to an unmanageable mortgage.” – The Durango Herald

via What’s the big idea? Photo by Steve Lewis for the Durango Herald

This is What Debt-Free Living Looks Like

Since making the switch to a Tiny House, I have no debt. I have hardly any bills. I have very little house to clean and maintain. I don’t own any furniture, and own very little housewares. I have to write one check a month, to rent the land that I park my Tiny House on, and if I really wanted to I could get creative and find a land sitting situation to live on some land for nearly free. If I don’t like where I’m out, I can hitch up and move on along.” – Greg Parham from Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

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Chris & Malissa, Committed to Home, But Not to a Mortgage

They began their tiny house in early 2012, carefully photo and video documenting their build process to contribute to what was (at the time) a small group of blogs and websites on the subject. ” – Billy for PAD Tiny Houses

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Extremely Downsize & Over Grow The System

A growing number of people are choosing to shun the conventional option of a foundation, mortgage and spare room in favour of a house the size of the average suburban garage. So what exactly is a tiny house, why is it so appealing, and what is it like to actually live in one?” – Over Grow The System

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People Young & Old Are Building Mortgage-free Lives in Tiny Homes

When Sicily Kolbeck first told people she was planning to build her own house, they often assumed she meant a doll house. “I got a lot of, ‘That’s cute,'” Sicily recalls. In reality, Sicily, 13, aimed to become part of a burgeoning movement. Sicily didn’t have any construction expertise when she read about these scaled-down houses online and was inspired to build her own.” – BBC News

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