Dan & Brittany’s Dream Mountain Tiny House

Dan & Brittany call their house, the Lucky House. They built the home as an alternative to renting an apartment. It was designed by Laird Herbert of Leaf House, a small company from the Yukon that specializes in cold climate tiny house design.

The house is off-grid, has a solar panel on the roof, deep cycle batteries. When there is no sun they charge-up at the nearest 110-volt outlet. They equipped it a composting toilet, custom-built from a Colman cooler of all things. There’s also a tub/shower in the bathroom.

In the kitchen they have a 24-inch range and a refrigerator/freezer that can run off propane, AC, or DC power. Propane heats their water. After working out some bugs their often snow-bound tiny home works great in the coldest weather.

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5 Things to Love About Living on the Mountain

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are more important.

“Just after moving into the Tiny House, I posted 5 truths about living in the woods. They included things like sweeping and constant battles with bugs. But I also said that I loved living on our mountain. One of the comments said, “Please do bore me with all the details about why you love living in the woods.” So I thought I might share with you a couple of my favorite things about living on my mountain.”

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