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Tom & Shaye’s Tiny House Move

Seriously, if you ever want to check your heart is still working, just try moving your precious tiny house. That’ll get it pumping for sure.” – Tom & Shaye at DIY House Building Find DIY House Building on Facebook and at their blog.

Halley’s House – A Tiny House Move Story

No drama or disasters here, just the tale of a tiny house move. While tiny homes are often built on wheels, they are not as well suited for towing as a travel trailer. Despite being under the 10,000 lbs. mark, we still carried out everything we could, piling our furniture up to be moved separately.  This guy waited patiently as we hooked […]

Clothesline Tiny Home Moved Successfully to Santa Fe!

Clothesline Tiny Homes makes a big move. “The trip from Prescott, AZ to Santa Fe is just under 500 miles and typically takes about 8 hours but it took us close to 12.  Of course, some of this time was giving impromptu tours whenever we stopped to gas up!  I was not expecting this, but […]

The Big Move – RowdyKittens

Tammy has posted a short podcast on their upcoming big move and her new book which will be out in September. “Today, I have an inspiration board and an audio blog to share with you. Enjoy!” Continue and listen to Tammy talk about The Big Move + Other News — go small, think big & be […]

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