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Vegans Can Be Funny Too

Vegans Can Be Funny Too… no really… and if you can believe it… sarcastic. I love these two van-lifers – never miss an episode. They are on a mission to explore strange new worlds and be funny. You’ve got to subscribe to The Nomadic Movement on YouTube. It will make your regular… errr… normal… err… […]

Tiny Living Edition Inside Flipboard

Tiny Houses on Flipboard – who knew!? “Apparently, there is a tiny-house movement afoot—people seeking homes that are the antithesis of the McMansion, usually between 100 and 130 square feet, and epitomize simple living. Here are some of our favorite feeds about life, downsized.” via Three Things We Love: Tiny Living Edition | Inside Flipboard.

Solutions to the Top 5 Barriers of the Tiny House Movement

Ryan explores some solutions to the barriers to tiny house living. “About two weeks ago I wrote a post on the five barriers to living in a Tiny House and it sparked a lot of great discussion and got some coverage around the blog-o-sphere, but I promised to do a follow up post on what […]

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