New Design – Navarro 20

We’ve got a new design available, the Navarro 20. It’s a 20-foot tiny house plan with a shed roof. Four large windows let tons of light into the house and make this design ideal for a locating in a place with a great view.

The high ceiling, big windows, and single large room would add to the open feeling in this tiny house design. At the end of the house – behind a pocket door – is a bathroom with a 32″ shower, toilet, and wall mounted sink.

Like all my tiny house plans you have the flexibility to finish the house however you like, this is just one example. Learn more about the Navarro 20 at

Navarro 20 - Interior view from kitchen Navarro 20 - Interior looking down from loft Navarro 20 - Interior looking in from front door Navarro 20 - Interior bathroom Navarro 20 - Interior Step Tansu Stairs Detail Navarro 20 - Exterior Back