Tiny House Rental in the Catskill Mountains

Want to spend the night in a tiny house? Here’s a tiny house in Woodridge, New York in the Catskills. It’s 7×18 and nestled in the forest. It’s also a part of a 12-acre fiber farm, so your neighbors are angora rabbits, goats, sheep, and chickens.

The house can sleep up to three guests. It has an open floor plan with a sleeping loft and a day bed. There is also a table with seating for two and a small desk.

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Tiny House Giant Journey Takes to the Highway

The couple of two years [Jenna & Guillaume] set off last week in their newly finished, 132-square-foot Tumbleweed Cypress home from Shelbyville, Ill., where Spesard’s parents Alan and Rebecca Spesard live… They will travel the nation and Canada indefinitely, making upcoming stops in Boston; New York; and Montreal, Quebec, and Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada.” – daytondailynews.com

Read the story, Former Centerville student hits road with ‘tiny house’. You can learn more on the Tiny House Giant Journey blog. Photos by Nick Graham for the Dayton Daily News.

Chris and Kristen’s Renovated Houseboat

It all started with a wildly imaginative dream, sketched on a cocktail napkin one summer night in 2011. Chris and Kristen wanted to design a boat to use as a creative outlet and a place for entertaining summer guests. Never mind the fact that neither had experience with boat building. The couple, artists and gallery owners who divide their time between Newport and New York, aren’t ones to shun a challenge, no matter how unachievable it may seem.” – Apartment Therapy

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New York Food Blogger’s Tiny Kitchen

Some tips for tiny kitchen management from an food blogger in New York.

“Like a lot of folks with small kitchens, I wish I had more counter space. When I am working on a large project at home, like a wedding cake, I totally clear the decks and temporarily relocate everything to another part of the apartment.

Then to give myself a little more surface area, I’ll pull out a drawer or two and place a sheet pan on top to create a few more inches of counter space.”

Continue reading… Desserts and preserves emerge from just a sliver of counterspace and a stove in this New York food blogger’s creatively used kitchen.

LifeEdited: Graham Hill Moves In!

Here’s an update on the tiny apartment the founder of Treehugger built in New York.

“Graham Hill, founder of Treehugger & initiator of LifeEdited, challenged the jovoto community with interior design ideas for his 39 sqm space in New York, remember? …A few weeks ago, in May 2012 Graham Hill could spend –  his first night sleep in his fully realized apartment space. And it was published in a 3 page spread in the New York Times newspaper!”

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Nyc Launches Program to Test Tiny 300sf Apartments

It sounds like New York is moving to establish some new standards for tiny spaces. I wonder if these efforts will help pave the way for other cities/counties/towns to follow suit and adopt/allow smaller homes.

“New York City renters have long made a habit of sacrificing square footage to save money. Now, the government wants to help them move into even smaller spaces. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is inviting developers to propose ways to turn a city lot into a building filled mostly with micro-units of no more than 300 square feet.”

via Lloyd’s Blog: NYC launches program to test tiny 300sf apartments.