Tiny Writers Retreat in Asker, Norway

The cabins sharp geometric form is due to the unusual boundaries of the site, among other constraints like the terrain, and the location of underground pipework. The retreat contains 173 square feet of usable floor space and is divided up into two main sections: the outdoor space, and the indoor space.” – Humble Homes

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Small Summer Cabin in Norway

During a 2003 trip to Norway, I visted a hand full of summer cottages and they influenced my ideas on how to use and multi-purpose tables, chairs, and furniture to make great use of a small space.” – Two Mile Ranch

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215 Square Foot Off-Grid Concrete Solar Shelter

We realize this is not a house; but wouldn’t this 215 square foot concrete shell make a cool solar tiny house? See more at LJB.no and ArchDaily.

The main structure has the shape of a tilted cube and this creates a covered entrance for the services and at the same time offers a perfect south exposition for the solar cells integrated in the main window. The toilet is 100 % energy self-sufficient.” – ArchDaily

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Lyset Paa Lista – An Outpost to Preserve Rural Norway

The structure itself was built with the help of locals and architecture students from both Norway and Mexico. According to the architects the project was formed in typical TYIN fashion, the design of the outpost took place in tandem with the building process. Part of this was due to pragmatic factors like the availability of materials and costs. In just three weeks the professionals, students and volunteers managed to complete Lyset Paa Lista.” – Humble Homes.

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Inge & Jørn Built the North Of The Sun Cabin from Driftwood and other Cast-off Materials

Inge Wegge (25) and Jørn Ranum (22) spent nine months of cold, Norwegian winter in the isolated and uninhabited bay of a remote, arctic island by the coast of Northern-Norway, facing nothing but the vast Atlantic Ocean. There they built a cabin out of driftwood and other cast-off materials that washed up on shore.” – Tiny House Swoon

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Hardanger Retreat in Norway

This retreat was desgined and built by Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhelmsen.  A self-initiated and self-financed project. The main dilema for emerging architects is finding clients willing to take a chance with young, enthusiastic architects that have limited experience. When we first started our firm, instead of looking for clients we went looking for plots, to build an experimental structure. Doing this, we could pursue our architectural vision in line with our convictions: uncompromising, original and respect for the landscape.” – Saunders Architecture

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A Prefab Cabin in Norway

Both the size of the property and the budget set limits to what I could create.  My client had a list of requirements that in many ways echoed those that you can find in large holiday homes: open fireplace in the living room, kitchen, separate bedroom, shower and toilet, recalls Borge. However, there was a big – or should we say small difference: We had to find a way of fitting it all into a building of merely 35 square meters. This led to unconventional solutions. For instance, the shower area is placed on the outside of the cabin- a great way to be close to nature, says Borge, who is fascinated with the connection between buildings and their surroundings.” – Dwell

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Fieldfare Cabin in Norway

One of my readers sent me this link, thanks Anka! What an amazing place to build a cabin and talk about roughing-it. Also, please forgive the Google Translate translation:

“Fieldfare cabin is a true copy of that war Quarter Linge officers and Ålesund Sunnmøre Association members Joachim, Birger and Olaf Aarsæther built in spring 1944, where they spent the last year of the war. The three had trained as saboteurs of Britain, and with several different missions in Norway and England behind him were dropped in Tafjordfjella to destroy communications in Romsdal and Lesja.

The cottage was rebuilt by Joachim summer of 1990 and then donated to Alesund Sunnmøre Association. It unattended DNT standard with four berths and is hidden beneath a cliff ten minutes from Veltdalshytta.”

via Fieldfarehytta – Hytte – UT.no.