Dabney & Alan’s Summit Prairie Fire Lookout

Dylan Magaster visits Dabney & Alan’s tiny house fire lookout in Oregon. They had this 18’x18′ fire lookout built in 2009. It took about 90 days to build the shell, and another 90 days to finish the interior. Photos via the video by Dylan Magaster.

Dabney & Alan also rent out their tiny house fire lookout on Airbnb. So if you’d like to experience living off-grid and 40-feet up on a mountaintop yourself, check out their vacation rental listing on Airbnb.com. For all the details visit the Summit Prairie website. For more great tiny living tours like this subscribe to Dylan Magaster on YouTube.


Portland Declares Stay on Tiny House Evictions

Lina Menard reached out to me to let us know that Portland, Oregon has taken a huge step toward making tiny houses legal. Here’s what she said”

Good news from Portland today! Yesterday I was at the Sanctuary Assembly where City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly announced a stay on evictions of people from tiny homes and RVs on private property. This is an important first step in legalizing tiny homes which are now officially “pre-legal.” The next step, of course, is to create regulations that would make them legal. I plan to be part of the effort and I’ll keep you posted.

We can’t wait to hear more! Go Portland!!! Go Lina!!! Go Tiny House Legalization!!!


Are you in Portland in a tiny house? Read about how the new guidelines applies to you at Lina’s Niche Consulting.

Learn more about this huge ‘tiny’ news story on Portland declaring a stay on tin house evictions. Learn more about Lina Menard and her tiny house work.

Pictured here is Lina in front of The Lucky Penny, her first tiny house. Photo credit: Tiny House Giant Journey


Pacifica by Zyl Vardos at the Tiny House Hotel

Abel Zyl, of Zyl Vardos, builds some of the most beautiful and whimsical tiny homes. The Tiny House Hotel in Portland, Oregon is one of the best places to experience tiny house living. Pictured here is a great opportunity to give tiny house living a try in a custom hand built tiny home. They can even provide a wheelchair ramp for those that need it.

Lear more about the Pacific at the Tiny House Hotel website. Learn more about the wonderful and whimsical tiny homes built by Abel Zyl on the Zyl Vardos website. Photos by Jeffrey Freeman.

Interior - Pacifica by Zyl Vardos at the Tiny House Hotel Cozy Interior - Pacifica by Zyl Vardos at the Tiny House Hotel Kitchen 2 - Pacifica by Zyl Vardos at the Tiny House Hotel Kitchen - Pacifica by Zyl Vardos at the Tiny House Hotel Kitchen Detail - Pacifica by Zyl Vardos at the Tiny House Hotel Whimsical Stairs - Pacifica by Zyl Vardos at the Tiny House Hotel Loft - Pacifica by Zyl Vardos at the Tiny House Hotel Bathroom - Pacifica by Zyl Vardos at the Tiny House Hotel Shower - Pacifica by Zyl Vardos at the Tiny House Hotel Wheelchair Ramp - Pacifica by Zyl Vardos at the Tiny House Hotel


Tiny House Basics Workshop with Dee Williams in Portland, Oregon

Tiny house pioneer and Portland Alternative Dwellings (PAD) founder Dee Williams is leading a tiny house workshop in Portland, Oregon on May 14-15, 2016, covering all the technical design and construction details you need to build your tiny house on wheels in a supportive and fun setting. PAD tiny house workshops are packed with fun, heart, and tons of technical information, and always include site visits to tour real tiny homes on wheels at the Caravan Tiny House Hotel. Guest specialist instructors like tiny house designer and builder Derin Williams from Shelter Wise round out the curriculum and give participants multiple experienced views on tough tiny house design considerations.

The workshop covers:

  • Tiny house building basics, including how to properly anchor a stick-built structure to a trailer.
  • Tiny house building science, including moisture control, ventilation, heating, and cooling.
  • Tiny house systems, including electrical, gas, and water systems.
  • Case studies of tiny houses and pocket neighborhoods
  • Cultivating home—the place and the people who make community.
  • Navigating codes, insurance, and regulations.

Register by April 30 to save $25 with early bird registration, or save $50 per person if you register early with a friend.

Thanks to Billy for this guest post!

pad-tiny-house-workshop-dee-1000px PAD-tiny-house-workshop-community pad-tiny-house-workshop-caravan-1000px tack-workshop-trailer

New Cafe Is Inside of a Tiny House

…the Niemyers, former owners of Speedboat Coffee in Portland, Oregon, and their business partners, Brandon and Kelly Noffsinger, are building their cafe on a 20 x 8-foot trailer and will be settling somewhere in the fair city of Colorado Springs” – Sprudge

Read all about This New Cafe Is Inside Of A Little Tiny House at Sprudge

Portlandia’s Satire Indirectly Publicizes The Tiny House Hotel

The Caravan, a Tiny House Hotel in Portland, across 11th Avenue from Radio Room, hosted its own viewing of Portlandias tiny house episode, then roasted Smores.” – OregonLive.com

Learn more about the Tiny House Hotel in Portland, Oregon. Read all about Smore tiny houses: Squeezing around Caravans campfire at OregonLive.com. Photo by Michael Lloyd, OregonLive.com Staff.

Heirloom Custom Tiny Home

Tiny Heirloom (Instagram) specialises in custom luxury homes on wheels, handcrafted in Portland, Oregon. With a total of 10+ years of team experience, Heirloom concentrates on equipping each custom build with high quality materials and fixtures, to meet even the most high-end standard of luxury.” – Designcollector

See more of this Heirloom Custom Tiny Home at Designcollector.

Modern Tiny House in Ashland, Oregon

This build is actually a retrofit from an old trailer with a shell (look at the last photo in the slide show below…it’s literally hard to believe what this tiny used to look like). There are some very unique features in this modern tiny house (soaring ceiling in entry/living room, clever loft stair with pivot point, deep window well) that I thought were really well done.” – Gabriella at TinyHouseBuild.com

Learn more about this Modern Tiny House. We do not know if this house is still available for sale.