A Scandinavian Cottage in Portlandia

This isn’t tiny but nice and small, but seems like a very livable size for this small family.

“Portland, Oregon-based interior designer Jessica Helgerson has been living, for the past year, “rather experimentally in a 540-square-foot cottage on five acres of farmland.” She and her family raise chickens, turkeys, bees, and grow their own food.”

via A Scandinavian Cottage—in Portlandia : Remodelista.

Living History School

Last night while exploring YouTube I ran across this incredible simple living resource that focuses on how settlers in Oregon once lived. They’ve even built a few replica structures like this log cabin. The focus of the project is on survival, primitive skills, nature awareness, pioneer and urban homesteading.

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Zoe Outdoors

One of my readers, Rich, pointed this Oregon based tiny house builder out to me. From the look of things they offer a wide range of small cottages at reasonable prices. Many of the designs look like traditional cottages, not all look like this hobbit house inspired house. Thanks again Rich!

Zoe Outdoors

Katy’s Vardo

Katy Anderson and Dee Williams are launching a new tiny house business, The Portland Little House Construction Co. Both Katy and Dee have a lot of tiny house living and building experience and I suspect the homes they build will rival Tumbleweed Tiny Houses in quality but will have a style all of their own.

Katy’s Vardo

ZENDOME and Pacific Domes

Based in Berlin ZENDOME manufactures the cool geodesic dome pictured here. They are priced a bit on the premium side and not exactly meant to be a year round home but seeing their great photos reminded me of the wonderful advantages of a dome home.

So then I did a quick search for a Ashland, Oregon based dome manufacturer I’d run across in the past called Pacific Domes. These folks make some very nice livable dome kits in addition to the kinds of domes ZENDOME makes. The skins are also textile based but some insulation and weather-proofing options are available. If you’ve often wondered what a small cabin dome home would be like be sure to check out Pacific Domes.