Zach Giffin & Molly Baker Give a Quick Tour of the Outdoor Research Tiny House

In this, the second installation of our “En Route” series, we profile professional skiers Zach Giffin, Molly Baker and their Tiny House. A few years back they realized the house of their dreams wasn’t going to be the status quo; they wanted to feel at home while traveling from place to place in search of fresh snow. Those dreams fueled the construction of the 112 square-foot Tiny House they now live in. Thanks to the Tiny House, they’ve traveled thousands of miles, woken up to countless powder days, and been introduced to plenty of new friends.” – Goal Zero

Zach is also the host of a new tiny house television show called Tiny House Nation.

Watch this video The Tiny House Life | Zach Giffin & Molly Baker on YouTube.

Zack Giffin’s Tiny House – Host of a New Television Series, Tiny House Nation

Zack Giffin is an extreme, or “free,” skier and tiny-house booster, having made his home for the last three years in a 112-square-foot mobile “ski chalet.” This year, Mr. Giffin, 34, is a host of a new series, “Tiny House Nation,” beginning Wednesday on FYI, an A & E Networks channel…” –

Continue reading So Small but Already a TV Star. Photo by Michael Dyrland via Learn more about the Tiny House Nation television series. Watch the Tiny House Nation Sneak Peek.

Outdoor Research Tiny House Tour 2014

The Outdoor Research tiny house story continues into another winter. The two short films below capture Winter’s People and Parking Lot Culture. What stands out to me most is that their tiny house enables the freedom required for the life these folks live.

You won’t see much of the house in the videos below; so visit the Outdoor Research website for more about the house.

Tiny Ski House on the Move

Molly Baker is a not just a skier. She is a dancer, a lover of all things pastry, a runner, a temporary blueberry farmer (house painter, bartender, nanny, organic house cleaner…), a mountain biker and freerider in training, ex-canyoneer, reader, writer, thinker, hiker, simple exister, part-time nomad, and friend. She called Utah’s Wasatch mountains “home” for four years, but is always on the move.” –

See more of the Tiny House Molly is Traveling in this winter