The B Home – A Pallet House

As the hexagon-shaped modules of the B Home are stacked, they begin to resemble the honeycomb of a beehive, and could potentially be used shelters, perhaps in disaster relief situations. As bees know, the hexagonal design allows for more enclosed space using less materials energy. Together, the units would form strong, interconnected structures.” –

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Tina’s Tiny House

Tina is building a tiny house made from mainly freely found building materials, including pallets. She’ll be using it as her backyard studio. It looks like she’s been making excellent progress and it’s great to see more people reclaiming pallets as building materials.

Tina’s Tiny House

Tiny Free House Update

I spent another two days up at the family farm working on my Tiny Free House. As you can see I screwed the pallet roof boards to the trusses and it’s looking a lot more like a house. My next steps will be to put shingles on the roof, if I can find something suitable, or board up the front wall with milled pallet boards.

Tiny Free House