360 Degree Tiny House Tour

Take a look at this cool Little House on The Trailer 360-degree tour.

“A few years ago our neighbors 360 NorCal did a 360-tour of all of our buildings in our display yard! It featured some of our most beautiful houses, including our San Antonio House, Pierce Point Cottage, two AROYOs and the Art Gallery.”

Read more about this 360 Degree Tour by 360 NorCal

Tiny Houses Aren’t the Fad – McMansions Are the Fad

This is an older video but a good one. Stephen Marshall explains some of the tiny house loopholes and how to work with & around zoning rules. In the video Stephan quotes me (at 4:40) from a radio talk interview we did together where I said something to the effect that Tiny houses aren’t the fad – McMansions are the fad. It seems that current housing market trends continue to support this statement. Downsizing is up, McMansions down.

Here’s more about Stephen and this video:

“People who live in wee homes now have their own movement. It’s a bit of a media event, but it’s not a fad, argues tiny home builder Stephen Marshall (of Little House on a Trailer). While his 112 square foot caregiver cottage makes great press, he argues the perfect tiny home is 400 sq ft. For most of those in the movement, McMansions have no appeal tiny homes are human-sized.”

See the video on YouTube: The human scale of tiny homes & McMansions as fad


A New Room of Your Own

Stephen Marshall has some very nice new design treatments for his tiny houses. Pictured here is the new Room of Your Own which is 9′ by 13’4″ long. The other new model is called The BIG Little House and is about 300 square feet. Stephen builds his tiny homes in Petaluma, California and regularly has tiny houses on display.

A New Room of Your Own

A Room of One’s Own

Stephen at Little House on the Trailer has redesigned their website (using my open source WordPress theme!) and made it easier to learn about their tiny houses. They have an open house every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Petaluma, California.

Stephen makes several different house models including the Sonoma Shanty but there has been a lot of interest around this little 10′ by 12′ tiny house that is intended to serve as a garden office/studio.

A Room of One’s Own