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Magenta Micro Tiny House – $2,500 in Materials

Pin-Up Houses has created a low cost mini tiny house. Their estimated cost to complete it with labor is $11,000, but materials cost only $2,500. It’s just 70 square feet but light weight and can be towed by many vehicles.  It’ has an insulated wooden structure. Inside the house features a sofa bed, stove, a […]

Ann by Pin-Up Houses

This cottage is originally called The Pentagon Cabin, because of the walls which are spreading out at a diagonal angle from the floor. This cabin is one of the most popular shelters ever. Inside the cabin there is a huge space to live in and provide you comfortable housing.” – Pin-Up Houses See more of Ann […]

Candy by Pin-Up Houses

Entry is by a ladder that swings down to the ground. This cabin is on posts, so you can use the space underneath for storage wood or other things.” – Pin-Up Houses See more of Candy at Pin-Up Houses

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