Dan and Jess Live in a Tiny House

Dan and Jess Sullivan live in a tiny house — 128 square feet, to be exact. The couple started building the wooden structure on wheels about two years ago, constructing a flat roof and elevated shelves to make the most of the space, nicknamed the Pod.” – Rhode Island Monthly

Read more about Living in a Tiny House at Rhode Island Monthly. Also be sure to visit their blog, Another Tiny House Story. Photos by Nat Rea.

Could Garden Offices Solve the UK Housing Problem?

It appears the answer is yes… habitable sheds are popping up in the UK.

“A fascinating business proposition in Oxford is moving the shedworking/tiny houses story forward.

As reported by the BBC Oxford businessman Robin Swailes is marketing £25,000 shedlike pods (3m x 2.5m) with electricity, kitchen, bed, toilet, shower, underfloor heating and running water as small homes for those struggling to get onto the property ladder in the city.”

via Shedworking: Could garden offices solve the UK housing problem?