Tiny Back-house Designed by Robert M. Gurney

While the exterior of the original house is restored with historically correct detailing, the new pavilions are crisply detailed. Cedar shingled walls and roofs match the historical house but without overhangs and trim.” – Home Adore

This tiny building is part of a much larger home. It’s such a little gem – I just had to share it. I especially like the cedar shingle and minimal eave. Read and see more of 308 Mulberry by Robert M. Gurney at Home Adore.

Tiny Homes Along the Erie Canal?

I  jog and walk my dogs on a path that runs along the Erie Canal near my home.  One side has the canal, the other side has the houses to whom these out buildings belong.  These little buildings are not tiny homes currently, as far as I can tell, but they can serve as inspiration for your own tiny or small home aspirations.

This one is actually a pool cabana, but I see a lot of small house potential in it.