Greencube – Prefab Tiny Home Delivers by Truck

Greencube is made in Estonia to European Union building standards. It’s a truly turn-key prefab tiny home that can be delivered to the building site on the back of a truck. Just hook it up to utilities and you’re good to go. It’s available across Europe and can be used as a home, sauna, and backyard cottage. To see and learn more visit the Greencube website or the Greencube Facebook page.

Modular Shelter That Can Be Assembled by 2 People in under 30 Minutes

Be sure to watch the assembly video.

Compassion Shelter’s Cabin is a sturdy, weather- and disaster-tested shelter unit that is perfect for any environment. The Cabin is a comfortable, insulated building that includes air conditioning and heating. Natural lighting is provided by two windows. Inside, the cabin has enough room to fit 6 bunks. The Cabin is stored and shipped flat in its custom crate, which itself reassembles into a free utility shed. Assembly is a snap, taking only two people a few hours to complete.” – Compassion Shelters

Learn more about The Cabin at Compassion Shelters

Freedom Yurt-Cabins

Solid walls, an integrated flooring system, real insulation, house windows, roundwood frame and rafters, and a wood ceiling with a tongue and groove look give the Yurt-Cabin a distinctive cabin feel. And it’s engineered for strength and longevity. And assembly is about as easy as it gets with the Yurt-Cabin’s built-in floor system and bolt-together design.” – Freedom Yurt-Cabins

Learn more about Freedom Yurt-Cabins

Which Curved Roof Appeals to You Most?

Here are four examples of tiny houses with curved roofs – but all approach the curve from a slightly different direction.

  • The snow-bound tiny house near Lake Tahoe has a more traditional arched roof, like a shepherd’s hut.
  • The modern Leaf House has a curve that goes from front to back making it more aerodynamic and voluminous on the inside.
  • The prefab cabin kit has a curved roof reminiscent of a gothic arch, providing strength and low weight.
  • The barrel top wagon has a roof that curves from front-to-back AND left-to-right.

Which curve appeals to you most and why? Please comment below.

Prefab Flat Packed Tiny House 

Ideal starter-home for a first-time home owner or a simple holiday getaway. Sleeps two comfortably in the mezzanine bedroom. The downstairs task room can accommodate an occasional guest and doubles as an office or laundry room. A corridor between the front and back spaces houses a shower area and the outdoor deck encourages indoor-outdoor living.” – POD / idladla

Source: Plans — POD / idladla. Get all the specifications and details of this tiny house from South Africa.

Modular Tiny – Meka World ALP 320 in Brighton, Canada

MEKA was founded in 2009 by a group of architects and engineers aiming to create modular live and work spaces that could be shipped to customers worldwide… Now, three years later, MEKA has delivered buildings around the world and is expanding its manufacturing plants in order to better serve local markets.” – MEKA WORLD

Learn more about these modern modular houses by MEKA WORLD


Half/Half by Monarch Tiny Homes

Are you a do-it-yourselfer but prefer to leave the heavy lifting and back-breaking work to professionals? If so this might be an ideal tiny house starter kit (our words) for you. It’s a 20-feet long tiny house that’s finished on the outside and ready for you to complete on the inside – it’s half done in other words. It’s made from SIPs (structural insulated panels) so it’s fully insulated and ready for your choice of interior finishes, cabinets, light & plumbing fixtures, and appliances.

“The Half/Half is weather tight, constructed with insulated (SIPs) walls and roof. It includes windows, door, and lifetime, recycled Newtechwood siding. Water, sewer, power, and gas lines are pre-installed. “We build the first half” means the heavy lifting is done. “You finish the second half” means creative, custom interior design is in your hands.”

Read more about the Half/Half at Monarch Tiny Homes.

Vigie by OH!SOM

The Vigie de Figuerolles has been conceived as a pre-feb structure in order to minimize the length of construction. Integrated to the site and landscape, the project respects environment and offers to its occupants, a functional and pleasant work station. The interior space is composed of a work station for two, of a central wooden furniture containing the technical material and chairs, dry toilets and a terrace.” – I Like Architecture

Learn and see more of Vigie by OH!SOM at I Like Architecture.