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Marfa weeHouse

This weeHouse and its cool, calming interior serves as a simple 440 SF retreat space on the fairly remote site outside a small arts colony in West Texas.” – Alchemy Architects Read and see more at Alchemy Architects

Lighthouse by Camera Buildings

With loft, bathroom, kitchen, living and work space options, the Lighthouse is a fully functional building designed for one or two people. Well-insulated and weather tight, it is ready for four-season use while windows and skylights provide ample daylight and ventilation.” – Prefab Camera Buildings See more of this Prefab Building


The pods come in kit form and are  around 5.3sqm, built from high performance composite boarding.” – Shedworking Read more about Hexi-House.

Inside viVood

A tiny house ranging in size between 130-345 square feet that can be assembled in 5 hours.” – Tiny House Swoon See more of viVood at Tiny House Swoon. Follow viVood on Facebook. For all the details visit the ViVood website.

The Crib at Strathmore: A 250 Square Foot Prefab

The Crib is an environmentally responsible, prefab kit building of 250 square feet. It’s shaped like a traditional farm building used to store corn, a corn crib. The similarities end there…” – Busyboo Read and see more about The Crib at Strathmore. Designed by Broadhurst Architects.

Prefabricated Garden-Atelier in Prague

The low-cost 28m2 get away is located in the backyard of an existing family house on the outskirts of Prague in Czech Republic. The space-ship looking form consists of geometric panels that are punctured by the volume’s openings – door, windows and skylights – with deep frames to protect the interior from direct sunlight.” – […]

MiniHome Solo – 480 Square Foot Prefab

The company has been designing and manufacturing eco-friendly and sustainable prefab homes since 2002, and their latest model offers a great balance between wide market appeal and price. The Solo 40 is longer, wider, more spacious, and resembles conventional homes in its layout. It measures 480 square feet and the fully equipped model costs only […]

Jerry’s Prefab Studio

“Each kit is hand-assembled in our workshop to a high degree of accuracy, allowing a quick assembly on site. They meet all U.B.C. code requirements. Our panel system components are glued and nailed to form an extremely strong structure.” – Maui Eco Built See more of this project on the Maui Eco Built Facebook page.

Corrugated Prefab Tiny House

The house was built in sections and can be easily disassembled. The outside is finished with durable corrugated metal and the inside has electrical installed and insulated.” – Tiny House Swoon See more of this Corrugated Tiny House

Hobbitat Spaces Are Now Taking Orders for Custom Built Homes

The unique tiny house builder Hobbitat Spaces from Maryland is now taking individual orders for their hand-built homes. The company is the brainchild of Bill Thomas, and the homes are hand crafted and built to withstand even the harshest Northeastern winters. Hobbitat Spaces recently completed 13 Hobbitat cabins for Blue Moon Rising, an ecotourism retreat […]

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