Students Build Tiny House at Unique Summer Camp

The Tiny House, built during a unique summer camp at the Key School, is about to hit the road. The 210-square-foot home built on a trailer bed will be one of the main attractions at this weekends Maryland Home & Holiday Show at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium… Over a three-week period in July, student crews worked side-by-side with building professionals to construct the one-room, multipurpose structure. ” –

Read and see more this completed Tiny House. Photos by Joshua McKerrow for Capital Gazette.

A Yestermorrow Design/Build Project

This house was built for a client by Yestermorrow Design/Build School as part of their semester program a few years ago. Everything the Yestermorrow students come up with is design genius, and this is no exception (okay, yes, I’m a Yestermorrow graduate but I don’t mean to toot my own horn here!).” – Mariah

See more of this Tiny House Tour: A Yestermorrow Design/Build Project at COMET CAMPER.

10×12 Log Cabin Kit Project

Log cab­ins can cer­tainly bring out that pio­neer­ing sense of trail­blaz­ing in the wilder­ness, as well as nat­ural rest and tran­quil­ity. Log cabin kits come in all dif­fer­ent shapes and designs, from sim­plis­tic low bud­get struc­tures to over­whelm­ing elab­o­rate log home mas­ter­ pieces.” – Ralph’s Home Improvement

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