Red Door Tiny Home

Pictured here is Josh Percival’s Craftsman Tiny House tiny home. He’s been building it part time for himself for the past three years. He started when he was 18. He’s 21 now and launching a tiny house company called Red Door Tiny Homes.

His house is 21 feet long with 18 feet of interior space and a 3 foot porch. It’s finished in wood inside and out – 8″ bevel cedar siding on the exterior and pine tongue and groove on the interior.

He used spray foam insulation for the cold Canadian winters, and 13 windows to let in lots of light. In the kitchen he used custom built maple cabinets. In the bathroom there’s a 32″x32″ shower and composting toilet. The loft has lots of headroom thanks to the two large shed dormers.

Josh will have his home complete very soon, as you can see. There are just a few details left to finish. To learn more about his house visit Red Door Tiny Homes website. Video and screen captures via Exploring Alternatives.