Another Approach to Renovation

The exisiting ruins once formed a two-storey brick dovecote, and although decayed, the enigmatic quality of this ruin became well known to concert-goers and visiting musicians… The new studio builds upon the original industrial feel on the campus and almost seems to gracefully grow from the old.” – ArchDaily

via Dovecote Studio / Haworth Tompkins. Photo by Philip Vile

TrailerFest 2013 Showcases Vintage Camper Trailers

On a hot summer day in Lodi, California, a community of vintage mid-century trailer restoration enthusiasts held an Open House during their TrailerFest 2013 Rally. Gathering at the Stockton Delta KOA campground, members of invited the general public to tour their tiny homes that have been kept in mint condition, restored, or renovated to be road-worthy dwellings.” …Continues

Two Crafty Ladies Call an Abandoned Bus Home

“The Country of Israel has been called the Start Up Nation, mostly because of the high tech innovation that is produced there but also for the ingenuity of its citizens. Two women got so sick of paying outrageously high rents, that they decided a better way to go would be to buy and renovate an old, abandoned city bus. There was no word regarding how much the bus was purchased for, nor the investment amount in renovations but the transformation is pretty remarkable.” – Two Crafty Ladies Call an Abandoned Bus Home.

A Romantic Retreat in Cornwall

“The 85 year old cottage is located on a remote cove on the rugged windswept coast of Cornwall. The Beach Hut was a teahouse when first built in the 1920′s, but had not been occupied for years and was terribly run-down when purchased by the current owners. They undertook a sympathetic restoration, preserving what they could and only introducing new materials that were compatible with the old. The original character is on display with clapboard siding, a stone chimney, and a weathered porch that overlooks the cove. The original floor plan divided the 510 ft2 (about 47 m2) cottage into small dark rooms.” – Small House Bliss.