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The Burn Ballad Bungalow

The Burn Ballad Bungalow on G Street in Washington, D.C.” – via small & tiny home ideas

mini.RV by ideabox

Easy to transport, easy to place, incredibly easy to use, the mini.RV series is instant living. No permits.” – ideabox via mini.RV — ideabox

Jeep® ActionCamper© for The Zombie Apocalypse

“The Jeep® ActionCamper© has been developed for overlanding and expeditions with two passengers. The interior is incredibly spacious and fitted with all of the amenities to have a comfortable and unforgettable expedition experience to remote areas. The slide-up roof with insulated hard walls offers in the kitchen area a clearance of 6’3″. All windows are […]

Small Remodeled Home With Tiny Guest House

A must see cabin and half in Granite. Remodeled to be cute as they come.

Awesome Tiny House Cottage

This is a meticulously crafted tiny house on wheels that was built by a family of builders (2 brothers and a father). It was finished on June 7th 2012. The interior is approximately 136 square feet.

Boneyard Studios Tackles RV-Style Plumbing

Here’s an article that explains some of the mysteries for building an RV-style plumbing setup for a tiny house. “Currently the majority of tiny homes are built to accept pressurized water hookup from a hose. Simple, but also quite limiting if the house is ever moved for a few days (or longer) to somewhere where […]

DoubleBack – A Sliding Extension VW Van

Solar Burrito posted this on Facebook. Very cool extension for a VW camper. “Overlander Motorhomes is presenting how it sees as the rational compliment to the pop top – it is the DoubleBack, a sliding insulated pod so extends the interior length of Volkwagen‘s T5 Transporter van.” Learn more about the DoubleBack – VW’s Sliding Extension […]

Tiny House in a Box

This is a clever creation.  Like a Swiss Army Knife the SwissRoomBox provides multiple tools for living in one compact package. It’s intended to turn any vehicle with a hatchback into a camper. Lots of interesting space saving ideas here. Thanks again for the great link Dav! Tiny House in a Box

1937 Ford Housecar

This little truck is not a custom job but a factory built 1937 Ford. Although it might as well be a custom job because only 6 were built in 1937 at the Ford plant in St. Paul, Minnesota. Really amazing to see an early motorhome in such amazing condition. It’s also great inspiration for dreaming […]

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