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Easy to transport, easy to place, incredibly easy to use, the mini.RV series is instant living. No permits.” – ideabox

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Jeep® ActionCamper© for The Zombie Apocalypse

“The Jeep® ActionCamper© has been developed for overlanding and expeditions with two passengers. The interior is incredibly spacious and fitted with all of the amenities to have a comfortable and unforgettable expedition experience to remote areas. The slide-up roof with insulated hard walls offers in the kitchen area a clearance of 6’3″. All windows are insulated. The roof has a huge panorama window and recessment for two large 120W solar panels. The camper can be taken off the Jeep® in minutes.” – Jeep® ActionCamper©

Boneyard Studios Tackles RV-Style Plumbing

Here’s an article that explains some of the mysteries for building an RV-style plumbing setup for a tiny house.

“Currently the majority of tiny homes are built to accept pressurized water hookup from a hose. Simple, but also quite limiting if the house is ever moved for a few days (or longer) to somewhere where there is no pressurized water hookup- a music festival, or, say, a vacant alley lot.”

Read how they are building an RV-style set-up at Boneyard Studios.

DoubleBack – A Sliding Extension VW Van

Solar Burrito posted this on Facebook. Very cool extension for a VW camper.

“Overlander Motorhomes is presenting how it sees as the rational compliment to the pop top – it is the DoubleBack, a sliding insulated pod so extends the interior length of Volkwagen‘s T5 Transporter van.”

Learn more about the DoubleBack – VW’s Sliding Extension Van.

Tiny House in a Box

This is a clever creation.  Like a Swiss Army Knife the SwissRoomBox provides multiple tools for living in one compact package. It’s intended to turn any vehicle with a hatchback into a camper. Lots of interesting space saving ideas here. Thanks again for the great link Dav!

Tiny House in a Box

1937 Ford Housecar

This little truck is not a custom job but a factory built 1937 Ford. Although it might as well be a custom job because only 6 were built in 1937 at the Ford plant in St. Paul, Minnesota. Really amazing to see an early motorhome in such amazing condition. It’s also great inspiration for dreaming up classic truck based tiny houses.

1937 Ford Housecar

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