Tiny House Magazine Issue 46 is Now Available

On the cover of the latest issue (#46) of Tiny House Magazine is Ms. Gypsy Soul’s Urban Chic & Fabulous Tiny House. (btw… This house has also been entered in the Tiny House of the Year Competition – and public voting begins November 1, 2016.)

Issue 46 of Tiny House Magazine also includes topics like:

  • Perch & Nest, the Tiny House Builders of the Month
  • An interview with Tiny House Trailblazers on the issues facing people of color in the alternative housing world.
  • A book review by Jennifer Meyer of Ryan Mitchell’s latest work.
  • Artist Dominique Moody discusses the inspiration behind her NOMAD tiny house.

You can get a digital copy of Tiny House Magazine here.


The World’s First Tiny House Conference Hosted in North Carolina

The value of conferences is the information and insights one gains by hearing other people’s perspectives on a host of topics. Of course with the omniscience of social media we have seemingly become a world of conference ho’s. We shuttle to and fro listening to this speaker, Q&A’ing with that one. We buy the books and use the hashtags appropriately.