One Way to Make Concrete Counter Tops

Here’s one way to make a small concrete countertop. While it may be preferable to pour larger countertops in place – this would work nicely for a tiny house.

I built plexiglass forms in order to get a totally smooth finish in the easiest and cheapest way.” – Off Grid Build

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Completely Self Sufficient Mountain Shelter

Completely self sufficient, the compact mountain shelter ‘Huba’ by industrial designers Malgorzata Blachnicka & Michal Holcer is able to generate its own energy. The design is based on traditional alpine architecture, with the small size and materials used aiming to minimize its impact on the surrounding environment. intended to be located above 1000m, where the average wind speed is about 6 m/s reaching up to 30 m/s, the shelter is equipped with an effective vertical wind turbine.” –

See more of the huba mountain shelter by malgorzata blachnicka + michal holcer.

Self-Sufficient Houseboat Lets You Leave Civilization Behind

This design concept has some extreme ideas for self-sufficient living.

“No Land In Sight is a student project from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. It explores the relationship between adventuring humans and the sea, examining exactly how a long-term sea journey would play out practically and technologically.”

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