Teen Builds Tiny House: School Project Becomes Memorial to Dad

Suzannah Kolbeck, left, and her daughter, Sicily, worked together to build a tiny house. It started as a project for school, but the focus — and lessons — changed after the accidental death of Dane Kolbeck, Suzannah’s husband and Sicily’s father.” – CNN.com

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People Young & Old Are Building Mortgage-free Lives in Tiny Homes

When Sicily Kolbeck first told people she was planning to build her own house, they often assumed she meant a doll house. “I got a lot of, ‘That’s cute,'” Sicily recalls. In reality, Sicily, 13, aimed to become part of a burgeoning movement. Sicily didn’t have any construction expertise when she read about these scaled-down houses online and was inspired to build her own.” – BBC News

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La Petite Maison is Finished! Congrats Sicily!

Fast forward two weeks, and here we are, La Petite Maison, finished for the most part. We will post more in a couple days, but we couldn’t wait. This weekend is the tiny house conference. In the next couple days, we will explain exactly why LPM isn’t traveling with us.” – La Petite Maison

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