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On land or in the water, this is a form of cheap, energy efficient, durable, original and comfortable living. The standard woonbol has a diameter of 5.5 meters. The front door is in the form of an aircraft door. ” –, translation by Google Translate. Read and see more at

Ben’s Tiny Home

The entire house is less than half the size of a standard two-car garage. (According to Google, most garages are 20 feet by 20 feet. Hurst’s home is 8-by-24 feet.) Across the front is a covered porch, with two large screened doors. Step inside, and you’re standing in the living room, a spacious-feeling spot, thanks …

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Dwell Home

The largest design show in the nation invited Reclaimed Space to be on of their Outdoor Participants. We built a special Dwell Space and brought it to California. Ecofabulous did a wonderful job with the interior design. The space was auctioned off on eBay and half of the profits were donated to Habitat for Humanity …

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Cabin Fever for Tiny Homes

The Guardian reports on cabin fever and the increasing popularity of tiny homes. “Kill for a cabin? Yearn for a yurt? You are not alone. Oliver Burkeman joins the tiny-home appreciation society.” via Cabin fever: I want a tiny home | Life and style | The Guardian.