Inside an Ecovillage Tiny House

EarthSong Eco-Neighbourhood has long been at the cutting edge of sustainable design and urban permaculture. It’s for that very reason that it should be no surprise to discover that EarthSong is also now home to one of New Zealand’s first Tiny Houses.” – Bryce at Living Big in a Tiny House


Small House on the Baltic Sea

The 484 square foot (45 square meters) house follows the topography and folds slightly in plan where a little ravine runs perpendicular to the house. This fold made the hybrid roof possible. The living room/kitchen wing, which has the highest ceiling height, has a normal single-pitch roof whose peak is continued in plan over the longer bedroom wing.” – 1 Kind Design

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Small House by SUNHOUSE

When we designed the Swift, the shape of the language we chose the Finnish sauna, the essence of clarity and the simplicity. Spacious room, spacious living room and a large, covered terrace giving saunatuvalle your own, unique look. Slim design to facilitate the swift placement of the sloping terrain. Saunatupien alongside the planned guest house accommodation in additional models need to resolve it.” – SUNHOUSE (Translation by Google)

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Aspen Series by House In A Box

The Aspen Series was designed with maximum flexibility in mind. This unit can be used as a guest house, an office, a game room, a cabana etc. This unit comes standard with a full bathroom, 25 sf of closet space and its own heating and/or cooling system. The fifteen foot high vaulted ceilings along with the clerestory windows add volume and grandeur to the space. Add the optional kitchenette and a washer/dryer for increased functionality.” – House In A Box

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The Crooked House of Windsor

 THE CROOKED HOUSE!  – One of the interesting architectural things in Windsor, England, next to the Windsor Castle was the Crooked House. The Crooked House of Windsor is also known as the Market Cross House and it was built in 1592!! Amazing to think that this structure has survived 421 years!

Queen Elizabeth the First was on the throne when this house was built. The Crooked House is now a restaurant. The building now stands at a marked angle, having been rebuilt with green wood in 1718.” – The On-Line Buzzletter

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Castel Meur

“Castel Meur is the name of this amazing house. She turns her back to the sea since 1861, the year of its construction, to protect it from violent winds during storms, that frequent this place. This tiny house was built at a time when building permits did not exist, where everyone could build her own way and give free rein to his imagination.” – translated from

Photo credit to tizef

Andrew Explains Passive Solar Tiny House Basics

I was recently challenged by one of the students in theSmall Home. Big Life. e-Cours(E) to talk more about passive solar opportunities in the small house/tiny house community. My initial response was that it was not in the course outline (for good reason, mind you) and that that was a huge challenge considering all of the layers of passive energy. After thinking about it some and even losing a little sleep over it I realized that the concept itself wasn’t all that hard and that some may want to know more about it or how to find out more about it.

Smallest House in Britain

One of my readers, Paul Coleman, sent me this. He told me, “This is a well known tiny house near where my mum lives in Wales.” Thanks again for sharing Paul!

“The smallest house in Great Britain is situated on the Quayside at Conwy, North Wales. The house is only 6ft wide by 8ft deep by 10ft high, approx. 1.8 metres wide by 3.05metres high.”

via Smallest House in Britain Conwy Quay.