small house

Heather’s House

One of my new Facebook readers shared this with me. It’s the story of a gal named Heather and her adventure building her own 14′ by 24′ home. She’s posted many photos of the process including this one of her after a day of playing with plaster. Heather’s House

Kathi’s Doll House

I really like the simple design of this small house. In fact it looks similar to the 12×24 house I designed. Kathi’s house is 12×20 and has 12-foot walls. Back in 2007 it took 11 days and cost $8,000 to complete the basic enclosed structure. This home is located in Georgia. Kathi’s Doll House

Bug Out Box… BOB

This small house concept has an interesting survivalist spin. It’s a simple hybrid shipping container home that is part container and part octagonal central unit. It’s flexible and can be expanded to meet the needs of multiple residents or kept small. Bug Out Box… BOB

Nano Living Systems

This is a newcomer to the small green home landscape. It’s a 200 square foot home that is carefully designed to provide space for a family of four. I like the concept and am looking forward to seeing it become a reality. Nano Living Systems

Rina Steen’s Adobe House

This is little adobe house in northern New Mexico is a bit bigger than tiny at 700 square feet; but I have a special place in my heart for nice little adobe homes so I wanted to be sure to share it with you this week. Rina Steen’s Adobe House

DIY Shipping Container House

Here’s another small house, not tiny, built around two small shipping containers. I like this project particularly because it was done on a frugal budget with lots of DIY sweat equity. The end product is pretty cool too, a mix of funky industrial plus modern cabin. DIY Shipping Container House

Collection of Small Houses on Small Lots

You might have noticed that one of my favorite blogs lately is Dornob. This is partially because they’ve been doing such a great job covering small homes lately. Here’s a nice collection of small houses on small lots. Collection of Small Houses on Small Lots

Söderöra in Sweden

This little summer house in Sweden was designed by Tham & Videgård Architects. It’s small but not really tiny. I wanted to include it because of the minimal use of space, especially the micro bedrooms, and the bizarre use of roofing felt as exterior siding. Söderöra in Sweden

Tye River Cabin

While I really prefer inexpensive do-it-yourself housing solutions it’s always inspiring to find a really well done architect designed small home. This one was designed by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects and is a cavernous 600 square feet. While the giant opening glass walls may not be very practical and seem a bit out of …

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Compact Japanese Modern Home

This is a 624 square foot modern home designed by architect Toyo Ito. I wanted to share it with you because it’s so simple and unusual and contains a lot of great ideas for redefining a simple shed form. Compact Japanese Modern Home