Any Home Can Benefit from Tiny House Design Hacks

Buzzfeed distills lessons learned from tiny house design hacks to help any home use space better. Here are the first 10. See examples of all 31 design hacks at Buzzfeed.

  1. Keep your window-to-wall ratio high.
  2. Install floor to ceiling bookshelves.
  3. Use semi-opaque materials to allow light into windowless rooms.
  4. Create outdoor living space to add the feeling of square footage without the cost.
  5. Opt for fewer walls, more multipurpose rooms.
  6. Add a loft over your kitchen.
  7. Actually, add a loft anywhere.
  8. Utilize the space under the stairs.
  9. Install prefab windows to brighten old school architecture.
  10. Replace doors with sliding walls to let your space breathe.

See all 31 at Buzzfeed now. Original post by Morgan Shanahan at BuzzFeed. Image by Jenny Chang at BuzzFeed.

Tiny Spaces by Studio Shed

Simple clean and tiny, the “Studio Shed” can be nestled in a little corner. They are tiny and functional and  reasonably  priced, perfect for creating that little personal space for a hobby, small dwelling or just relaxing….

The Studio Shed Storage range starts from just  $3,900 for a 6×8 going through to $15,650 for a 12 x28. Featuring  Sustainable  powered factory, FSC certified lumber, recycled metals and VOC paint on all surfaces…” – Jetson Green

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Eight Rooms in this 215 Square Foot Apartment

This house by MYCC Architecture Office has a foot print of 20 m2/ 215 ft2 and a volume of a 100 m3/ 3531 ft3. It consists of large number of narrow rooms that are connected to each other visually. The layout of the apartment is reminiscent of old computer games platforms, where you jump from one platform to another.” – Living in a shoebox

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