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Sol Pod by Sol Haus Design

Vina Lustado has lived in her tiny house in Ojai, California for two and a half years. She is also the founder/owner of Sol Haus Design. Pictured here is the 16-foot Sol Pod, a new design by Vina. It’s set-up to be functional & flexible and meet a variety of needs like backyard cottage, office space, […]

Sol Haus Design Photo Book – Tiny House Construction Process from Beginning to End

This is a 69 page book that documents the construction process from beginning to end, from the customization of the trailer to the installation of the hardwood floors. The book provides an excellent visual aid during construction.” – Sol Haus Design Learn more about this book at Sol Haus Design.

Vina’s Tiny House

My design has approximately 140 sf of living space (based on the trailer size, 20’ long x 8’ wide) and the structure will be self-sufficient. Using portable solar panels, my tiny house will be off the grid and will employ passive solar heating and cooling principles. The interior will have highly insulated walls and ceilings […]

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