Bill’s Tiny House

Bill is building a tiny house based on one of my tiny house designs. You can download the free house plans at Tiny House Design. He’s building the 8×16 Solar House.

He posted a bunch of photos of the interior work recently on Facebook and it’s looking great. Eventually Bill plans to move his tiny house up to Alaska (from California) and spend some time chilling out.

Bill’s Progress Photos on Facebook

(To see the Facebook photos a free Facebook membership is required. So I’ve posted a few of Bill’s photos here in case you can access them on Facebook.)

Tiny Solar House Plans

This past week I published a set of tiny house plans for tiny solar house. It’s a little 8′ by 12′ saltbox that can be built in multiple units so the owner builder can build a larger home (12×16, 12×24, 12×32, etc) from the same set of plans. The 40-page plans cost $9.99 and can be ordered online and downloaded to your computer.

Tiny Solar House Plans

Tiny Solar House

Bill Brooks is making great progress on his tiny solar house built from the free house plans I offer on Tiny House Design. It’s especially exciting for me to see one of my designs come together. When Bill is done with this house he plans to take it on an extended trip up to Alaska. Follow Bill on Twitter

Bill’s Tiny Solar House