Off-Grid Tiny House Living Empowers a Flipped Workweek

Kev & Jan are empty nesters who’ve built their own debt-free tiny life that includes a flipped workweek. They only work weekends now thanks to their own tiny mobile juice & smoothie bar business – which gives them time to travel and spend more time together.

Bryce Langston from Living Big In A Tiny House visited Kev & Jan and got the full tour of their tiny home. They built it themselves for just $54,000 AUD (~39,000 USD). That price included a rain water collection system and a $9,000 AUD (~$6,500 USD) solar system.

It’s a larger tiny home measuring 14 m long and 9 m wide (~45′ by ~10′). In addition to the spacious interior size, the home also has a large folding glass door to capture the view and a large bathroom/dressing room with dual vanities.


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Nomad Pad – A Subtle Nuance of Old Growth Wisdom

Nomad Pad Interior

Nomad Pad Interior 2

Built by Ryan O’Donnell of Humble Hand Crafts, the Nomad Pad was built using tools powered by an off-grid solar system that was backed up by a biodiesel generator – but just on stormy days.

Notable features inside are a Hobbit wood stove, full-size fridge, copper bath tub, 2 lofts, and an on-demand water heater.

Outside is a mobile “slide under” 5’ x 8’ deck. The walls are framed using light gauge metal. The home’s solar system has a Lithium battery bank.

All reclaimed woods for interior and exterior come from a variety of sources up in Northern California. For example, wood from a 10,000 gallon redwood water tank, wine tank staves, hot tub staves all re-sawn for interior paneling and trim work.

Via Tiny House Swoon and Humble Hand Crafts

Nomad Pad Exterior

Nomad Pad Interior 3

Nomad Pad Kitchen Detail

Nomad Pad Ladder

Nomad Pad Bathroom Sink

Nomad Pad Shower