Adam & Vanessa’s VanLife Experience

Van dwellers Adam & Vanessa visit with tiny house dwellers Derek & Hannah at their homestead in Saint David, Arizona and get the full van tour! Adam & Vanessa also share what they’ve learned so far living a full-time vanlife.

Adam & Vanessa built their van over 3 months and it cost about $28,000 US (2008 Sprinter van plus customizations). Inside they have a fully functional kitchen, bed, tons of storage, and a hidden composting toilet. They built all the cabinets themselves including the reclaimed maple countertops.

Image above and video below by Derek from DIY Homestead Projects. You can follow Adam & Vanessa’s VanLife adventure on the Create Wondr YouTube Channel and the Create Wondr website.

Alex & Sara’s Sprinter Van Conversion

Sara & Alex live and work full time on the road in their Sprinter van conversion. They built it themselves and started with a used van that had only about 55,000 miles on it. The van initially cost about $25,000 to buy and $14,000 and 3 months to finish. Read about all the van build details on the 40 Hours of Freedom website.

Inside they have a wet bath with a shower & toilet, a fully functional kitchen, a large table that quickly converts into a large bed, and tons of storage. I especially like how they finished the van off inside – white with wood accents really brightens it up inside. Their van started as a passenger van, so it has lots of windows too.

To earn a living they run an online business teaching folks how to start and run an online business. Watch this video about how they earn a living on the road.

Below is their van tour video. If you want to learn more about their van conversion and how they live and work full time on the road subscribe to the 40 Hours of Freedom YouTube Channel and visit the 40 Hours of Freedom website.

Stealth Van Dwellers Escape High Rent & Live Free

Jenna Spesard from Tiny House Giant Journey visits with Matt & Adriana who live full-time in their 2005 Sprinter van conversion that they’ve nicknamed Vanna White. Matt is a video producer and Adriana works in fine dining. They travel the country and experience living in all the places they choose.

Matt learned construction and auto mechanics during the van build. Over three months he and a friend converted the van. Many of the items in the van were reclaimed and up-cycled. It also has a complete kitchen including a large refrigerator. The bathroom is simply a marine toilet and they use a fitness club membership for showers, etc. Video tour below.

Above: Vanna White stealth van based on a 2005 Sprinter. Below & Bottom: Inside Vanna White and a good look at the complete kitchen.

Follow Matt & Adriana’s journey at Enjoy the Journey. For more great tiny house tours subscribe to Tiny House Giant Journey.