Tiny Backyard Office/Art Studio For Sale

Stephen Marshall at Little House on the Trailer builds great tiny homes, studios, offices, ADUs, you name it. He usually has some some finished and in-process homes to see at his place in Petaluma, California. This week he has an AROYO (A Room Of Your Own) on sale.

“We currently have a fully finished AROYO with beautiful cedar siding for sale for $14,000 on our lot in Petaluma (regularly $20,000).”

See more about this: ON SALE – AROYO tiny backyard office, art studio.

Tiny Houses Aren’t the Fad – McMansions Are the Fad

This is an older video but a good one. Stephen Marshall explains some of the tiny house loopholes and how to work with & around zoning rules. In the video Stephan quotes me (at 4:40) from a radio talk interview we did together where I said something to the effect that Tiny houses aren’t the fad – McMansions are the fad. It seems that current housing market trends continue to support this statement. Downsizing is up, McMansions down.

Here’s more about Stephen and this video:

“People who live in wee homes now have their own movement. It’s a bit of a media event, but it’s not a fad, argues tiny home builder Stephen Marshall (of Little House on a Trailer). While his 112 square foot caregiver cottage makes great press, he argues the perfect tiny home is 400 sq ft. For most of those in the movement, McMansions have no appeal tiny homes are human-sized.”

See the video on YouTube: The human scale of tiny homes & McMansions as fad


Home Care Cottage Tour- Little House on the Trailer – YouTube

Stephen Marshall builds some very nice tiny houses. A couple years ago Stephen and I were on a talk radio show together if you’re curious to have a listen to what we said about tiny houses. Below is more about the video of Stephan posted here.

“Little House on the Trailer designs and builds small houses on wheels in Petaluma, CA. This is a tour of a 400 square foot Home Care Cottage, which is a portable cottage to put in a yard so that one can care for a loved one close to home. They are legally permitted on a primary residence in Sonoma County with a doctor’s note.”

Watch the video Home Care Cottage Tour- Little House on the Trailer – YouTube.